Tucker Lytal

Tucker, born in Oceanside, California, earned his BA in Illustration from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. In addition to owning and operating a window painting company for 34 years, he has sculpted mannequins and done faux finishing and mural painting from San Diego to Ventura. He currently resides in Burbank, California

Mural Ventura County Med Center

The photo, left, (used courtesy of the Ventura County Star) was taken by their staff reporter, Chuck Kirman, and featured in an article in the October 29, 2007 issue. In it, Tucker was painting the mural for the Ventura County Medical Center wing designed to accommodate children with cancer and blood disorders.




Herman Velarde commissioned Tucker to paint murals in the Velarde home. So pleased were the Velardes with Tucker's works, Herman asked him to illustrate "HANDBOOK FOR AMERICA."

HANDBOOK-Alchemist Tree of Life



Only the cover of the book would be in color. The illustrations in the body of the text would all be line drawings. Tucker submitted several samples based on discussions with Herman and they decided that Tucker should do the illustrations woodcut- style. The image shown on the left is from the HANDBOOK FOR AMERICA. It is Tucker's delightfully imaginative rendering of the essential elements that might be found in an ancient alchemist's illustration of the "Tree of Life."

HANDBOOK-Brain Illustration-Color

This work was a strong candidate for the book cover. When the final title was determined, Tucker painted the flag design now on the cover, but this thought-provoking image was too elegant to be abandoned. Shown here in it's original colors, it became the frontispiece for the book, albeit printed in black and white. The image not only conveys a sense of some of the science behind the book, but earned accompanying text of its own, describing the brain function illustrated.


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